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Who else better is there to lead your Amazon account or own ecommerce than former Amazon employees? MarketplacePower is here to share that experience. We're passionate about digital retail, marketplaces and Amazon and would love to help you and your brands.

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What some of our partners have said

"I met Dan right at the start of the Mum&You journey in February 2018, and immediately he was the right partner to build the Amazon business. At the outset Dan was able to give me and the wider Mum & You team a comprehensive introduction to Amazon as both a retail channel and media platform, which as you'll find out can be extremely complex. Dan’s skills and experience help us every step of the way, not just in the setup process but also as our sales grow. Dan's been hands on throughout the journey - he clearly presents the options available to us and makes sound recommendations. Initially for example with which particular channel we’d opt for on Amazon and why that was best for M&Y, which marketing to invest in, how to elevate the product and brand within the amazon ecosystem, our operational setup etc. Dan continues to keep us updated with the latest programs Amazon has for sellers- FBA subscribe and save for example where we now have thousands of subscriptions to Mum & You products. One of our biggest successes are our biodegradable baby wipes, which are now in the top 10 selling products in the entire Baby category, with over 200 reviews, 4.5 stars on average and are “Amazon’s Choice” for “biodegradable wipes”. We continue to see triple digit growth and are on track to ship Mum & You products to over 100,000 Amazon customers in 2019 – a remarkable achievement in just over 18 months since launch. But much more than Dan’s skills, I love his attitude. Dan treats Mum & You like his business and is as passionate about it as any of the Mum&You team. He is completely hands on and never out of reach. You can depend on him and MarketplacePower."
Rajiv Chandra, Mum & You Founder

“OneNine5 are a London based start-up on a mission to modernise unisex travel luggage - prioritising style, functionality & an eco-conscious approach to both product & packaging. With the modern traveller in mind, we launched on Amazon’s European sites in early 2019 to reimagine the long forgotten but essential, travel wash bag. Using modern & recycled materials with a considered internal design, we recognised an opportunity on Amazon for a sustainable and semi-premium luggage brand. Dan himself brings over 6 years of experience at Amazon that we felt could be invaluable to our success. In our first conversations his huge knowledge of Amazon was clear, and we felt comfortable outsourcing the management of OneNine5 on Amazon to MarketplacePower. We approached Dan with a 4-week timeframe prior to launch and with his methodical and pragmatic approach, he enabled us to launch as planned mid-April 2019. MarketplacePower have handled all things Amazon, such as the intricacies of setting up the business in Seller Central, OneNine5 brand enrolment in the Amazon Brand Registry, FBA enrolment and shipment creation training, seller central platform training, best in class setup of our products, high quality enhanced brand content on our product detail pages, setup of our initial sponsored product campaigns which have delivered over 850k impressions in less than 2 months, and enrolment on Amazon Launchpad – a unique showcase on Amazon for the coolest products from UK startups. We're confident MarketplacePower have built us the perfect foundation to grow and be successful on Amazon. We work remotely with them, they’re transparent, flexible and responsive with all communications online and over the phone. Follow OneNine5 on Instagram, and view their newly launched eco-conscious travel wash bags on Amazon.co.uk”

Alex Stewart, Co-Founder, OneNine5

“Under the guidance of Dan as our Vendor Manager at Amazon, our Amazon account saw significant double digit growth for several years from 2015 onwards. Despite being a well-established Amazon vendor, Dan introduced us to many new Amazon marketing tools and programs we’d not leveraged before. Most of our accounts are traditional retailers and we’d previously treat Amazon as such, but under Dan’s guidance we began to understand Amazon’s tech driven approach to retail and therefore how to grow our sales there, by trusting his advice Amazon quickly become our biggest customer with revenues across our brands exceeding €4m. Having worked with Dan whilst at Amazon, we immediately wanted to partner with him again when he founded MarketplacePower, and they’ve quickly had an impact on the Amazon account. From advising us on the strategic positioning of our brands between the different amazon channels, explaining the importance of Amazon search advertising, then delivering impressive return on ad-spend, delivering immediate incremental sales via promotions- something we previously lacked the resource to manage ourselves, supporting us with optimising content where in the past we just weren’t able to do because of Amazon’s complex systems, setting up third-party software to communicate directly with consumers, to enrolling us in new programs to reduce fulfilment costs etc. MarketplacePower are extremely collaborative, we’re in regular communication anD meet regularly where we’re provided updates on business performance and key changes. Marketplacepower are in contact with various people across the business and are always available to jump on the phone to answer questions – something we really value”

Javier Guerra, Global Head of Sales, Ingersoll

Case Studies

Mum & You

Mum & You, a 2018 start-up dedicated to improving the life of Mums, asked MarketplacePower to launch the brand on Amazon in Europe. Now Amazon is a multi-million pound business for them, and they have the top selling product in the Baby category.

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Braun wanted MarketplacePower to manage the launch of the new 2019 clocks range. We delivered; Braun shipped over 25k units in 2019, multiple SKUs became Amazon’s Choice across EU sites, and they were presented as a success story for the Pan-EU FBA program at an Amazon seller summit in 2020.

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